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Self-belief and Self-Promotion as an Entrepreneur

Why this is important in Business

As an entrepreneur, I have a long history of self-belief. Having a singular vision of success has been an integral part of my accomplishments and no one can gain such clear focus without this all-important self-belief system in place for themselves. I have always worked relentlessly hard, I have consistently learned from my mistakes and I always strive for excellence. It has served me well and continues to open up new avenues of development and pathways to success for me.

Self-belief is power. Power is influence. Influence is everything.

I have spoken many times about the respect, trust and pride I have for my workforce and admit that without having such a strong, inspiring and resourceful team, my achievements probably would not have been so lucrative. I believe in the skill of my teams, and in turn, they believe in me. In my last post, I wrote about the benefits of effective delegation and the rewards you can reap both personally and professionally, when you manage this. Here, I want to share some of the positive impacts this has had for me. Particularly, Business Consulting. I love it.

Recently I started to reflect on my next steps, not only in business but also personally. It is widely accepted that self-reflection leads to greater clarity and a renewed sense of vigour. Many people want to make positive changes; to grow as a person, perhaps launch a successful business, maybe start a loving family, however many people stumble and fall at the very first hurdle. A moment of discomfort, a step out of the ordinary, a break away from their familiarities and it’s enough to stop any progression or achievement. If you are on the rocky pathway to realising your ambition, please believe me when I say you can do it and it is worth it. Nothing ever worth having comes easy and challenges are sent to test our determination, grit and resilience.

Overcoming barriers to success and utilising your self-belief.

I have been known to avoid self-promotion in the past. I have a large network of contacts both domestically and internationally, and have always valued the importance of being connected. This past year I made the decision to dedicate some time to promoting myself. Reaching out and beginning to share my journey and hopefully inspire some other budding entrepreneurs, has taken me outside of my comfort zone in a wholly refreshing and revealing way. It’s new, it’s somewhat daunting and it’s also incredibly rewarding…

I have always mentored my staff, even my friends and as a Father too, however I have only just begun to appreciate this intrinsic aspect of my character. What I have discovered is an innate passion for developing others and fulfilling the role of mentor wholeheartedly. I have taken immense pleasure in helping others through my consultancy work and the positive impacts this has had are priceless.

Gain authority, give advice and help to advance others.

My client base is growing every week, and it seems clear that many of the new entrepreneurs that I mentor, are grateful to have another like-minded person to talk with, one that will listen, advise, encourage and advance them. I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by exceptionally talented people throughout my career journey and I take great pleasure now knowing that I can fulfil this inspirational position for new entrepreneurs seeking advice and development. Inspiring others it turns out, is somewhat addictive.

Sharing mine own acute business knowledge and seeing the positive influence this has on my clients and in turn, the positive impacts this has on their businesses and well-being, is incredibly satisfying.

I have only been able to discover this newly-found passion of mine through self-promotion and I can admit - it is extremely gratifying.

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