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New Decade, New Motivation

Exploration, Adventure and Expansion

The New Year is often synonymous with new beginnings, new resolutions, and new paths to embark on in life. All over the world people find this time of year as an opportunity to look inward; reflecting on their past in order to reassess intentions and set new goals for the New Year to come. The most successful people of course, tend to reflect and reassess frequently rather than just New Year, however something inherent in all of us responds to ‘endings’ and ‘beginnings’ making this time of year; namely the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one, the perfect time to make changes and forge new paths in life.

Past Ways to Leave, New Goals to Achieve

I have decided to forge some new paths this year, both professionally and personally. And I am excited about it. Reflecting on my successes over the past decade has allowed me to sharpen my ultimate goals in life, and have shaped my vision of what I am able to achieve throughout the next ten years. I have always allowed my intuition to work closely with my ambition and I feel an irresistible urge to move forwards into this year with a subtle but strong change of focus. My intention is to pursue as many positive challenges and experiences as possible, working on my personal goals rather than relentlessly chasing my business objectives…

With this shift of focus comes a new shift professionally. I can afford to adopt a less active approach in the day-to-day operations of my businesses whilst continuing to provide more high-level oversight across them all. The insights I can gain through achieving my more personal goals will undoubtedly cascade and resonate with my senior leadership teams, allowing them to grow and develop as I do. As they are always ready to take on any challenge, and ready to reach some new goals of their own, I am completely assured that this is a positive and productive shift. I am always very open about the inspiring workforce that I have. I attribute much of my success to having such a positive culture in my businesses; it literally pays to nurture and grow your employees. I began my professional journey in a similar environment; it has certainly helped my career and has definitely inspired my leadership style.

To Adventure is To Prosper

It is said that one cannot really know themselves until they have lost themselves in a totally new country and culture, a ‘lose yourself to find yourself’ mantra. I have many adventures I’m waiting to embark on this year, continuing to grow my pool of knowledge and experience. A recent, incredible experiential trip to Norway chasing Killer Whales under the Aurora has only grown my appetite for more remarkable experiences around the world this year, as well as a repeat trip to Norway!

Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Mexico are just some of the destinations I am especially keen to lose myself in this year, having never visited before. I am in high anticipation to get out and explore beautiful, diverse and exotic parts of the world and these places have long been on my list to explore. I will also travel to Thailand to visit my own Mentor and business partner Dave Ravenscroft for an extended break in paradise. These visits are always incredibly rewarding, to be in such beautiful surroundings is a gift in itself, but the insights I gain from these trips are invaluable and help me to be a better mentor in turn.

I understand that my professional successes have enabled my ability to travel and experience the world and its wonders. I understand how fortunate I am to be able to pursue personal development by seeking out rich new experiences. This is why I am consciously and actively steering my course toward exciting new adventures; to keep developing myself to exist as the best and most whole version of myself, to exist and to prosper.

Moving a little closer to home, I will also be gaining two new milestones in 2020. I will be taking on Glastonbury for the very first time and will be celebrating my 40th Birthday this year too. Again, Glastonbury has long been on my list of things to experience and I cannot wait to rectify the mistake of not being sooner… With the end of my 30s and beginning of my 40s approaching, it feels like the perfect time to celebrate on my past successes and look toward achieving my more personal goals over the next ten years, with 2020 looking like the catalyst year for an explosion of adventure, growth and new experiences well into my future years.

Attitudes to Adopt

We live in an amazing world. I am not denying that we have problems to solve, attitudes to change and challenges to conquer. I am stating that it is an amazing world filled with awe-inspiring experiences that people should seek out. I have always found positive visualization as a tool to aid success and cultivate determination. Try to imagine the very best outcome in every situation and then work to make them a reality.

It isn’t just about once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world, or one-of-a-kind exotic experiences either. You can have positive experiences every day by having a positive mindset, practicing mindfulness and gratefulness and simply being present in every situation and moment. Have vision, perseverance and don’t settle when pursuing your own goals


We all have one life to live. This year it’s time to make the most of yours. I’m continuing to make the most of mine…

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