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Personal & Professional Equilibrium

Instrumental to Running a Successful Business

Over 5 years ago, Richard Branson famously said,

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough,

so they don't want to…”

I’ve lived my professional life wholeheartedly believing this and with over 15 years of experience leading companies, I can testify to its accuracy. It’s true. I frequently attribute my many successes to the commitment, passion and skill of the workforces across all of my businesses.

From my Senior Management teams right through to ground level staff, I have always promoted an environment of development, drive and accomplishment, making sure there are always plenty of opportunities for everyone to celebrate in my companies successes. Everyone works hard and I want to reward that dedication. This positive culture I have nurtured within my businesses has had a huge impact on business performance overall.

As many entrepreneur and business owners can admit though,

sometimes relinquishing control isn’t always easy.

When you have a driven mind-set, when you have invested so much time, effort and emotion into the development and success of a business, it can be a difficult thing trusting in someone other than yourself. However, this is a crucial element in leading and driving companies forward, enabling those around you to develop and elevating them in their own upward journeys.

Over the past three years I have selected and developed a dedicated team of talented, resourceful and ambitious people to form my Senior Management Team and have reaped the rewards of effective delegation commercially as well as personally. Through relaxing into a less active daily role, I have been able to pursue other professional endeavours elsewhere, allowing me to exercise my natural curiosity for new business and instinct for innovation, across other exciting platforms and channels. These include Bars and Nightclubs, new Digital Advertising endeavours, Property Development projects and more recently Business Consultancy being a particular area of interest.

Ensuring your employees feel valued is critical,

they’re the very best asset you can invest in.

Get to know your employees, empathise and understand their own mind-sets; ascertain their strengths, passions and interests. This will enable you to delegate tasks more effectively throughout your Company hierarchy and will allow you more peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that everything is in order and everyone is suitably happy. You will benefit, your teams will benefit and the positive consequential effects will be felt throughout the whole company.

My portfolio of companies spans industries as well as continents and I can honestly say that happy, fulfilled staff equates to resilient and productive staff. I have found this to be true across all of my varied workforces. Treat your employees right and trust in them to deliver, be a positive mentor and an effective leader and take a step back when you need to, to focus on other pursuits, both personal and professional.

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